Plant List

CNC Machines
Cincinnati FTV 840/3700 Travel 3700mm by 815mm
Cincinnati Arrow Travel 1100mm by 500mm
Beaver Parts Master Travel 500mm by 400mm
Colchester Combi K2 250mm dia by 1500mm long
Colchester Combi K4 370mm dia by 2000mm long
Hawk 200 324mm dia by 540mm long
Cincinnati Lamb VCNC 750 Travel 800mm by 500mm with 4th axis

Harrison VHS 450 CNC

280mm dia by 1000mm long


Manual Machines
Harrison Lathe 230mm dia by 1500mm long
Ward 2DB Lathe 190mm dia by 750mm long
Ward 7DS Lathe 305mm dia by 900mm long
DSG Lathe 355mm dia by 1500mm long
Gate Cyl Grinder 300mm dia by 950mm long
Microcut Mill Travel 700mm by 400mm
Elliot Surface Grinder Travel 450mm by 240mm
Gate Vertical Grinder Capable of 600mm dia

All the above dimensions are in mm and refer to the size of bar stock
each machine is capable of holding.

We also have a full range of cutting and fabrication equipment and have recently began to supply hydraulic and pneumatic pipes with suitable fittings, which are available on request.